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Privacy Policy and Legal Notice

1. Legal notice and acceptance

Editorial Océano, S.L., is the creator of this web page and owner of all the copyrights and the intellectual and industrial right of this web page, digital products and services offered via this page. To the effects, Editorial Océano, S.L. is an organization duly constituted and registered in Spain, with address in Barcelona, Milanesat 21-23, and registered under number N.I.F B-62751151. From this point forward it will be identified as Digital-Text, www.educa-text.com. The access and/or use of the products and services of Digital-Text located on the web site is attributed to those under the user conditions, accepting from that point, fully and with no reservations the General as well as the Particular Conditions that in any case may complement, modify or substitute the General Conditions in relation to specific services and products included in the web site. To be able to use or access some of the products and services, the user will have to provide some personal data or subscribe to a usage license that will allow via username and password access to the product of interest. The user must carefully read the following legal notice in each of the instances that the web site will be utilized, since this is subject to modifications. Moreover the use of the web site is equally subject to all notices, rules and instructions made available to the User by Digital-Text that substitute, compliment and/or modify the previous Legal Notice.

2. Use of the Web page and its contents

The user is responsible for using the web and its contents without breaking the regulations, in good faith the use generally accepted and the public order. Furthermore, it is prohibited the use of the web for illicit purposes or harmful acts against Digital-Text or any third party, or that in any way can cause damage or prevent the normal functioning of the Web.

With respect to its contents (information, texts, graphics, image files, photographs, designs, etc.,) the following is prohibited:

  1. Reproduction, distribution or modification, unless authorized by its legitimate owners or it is legally permitted.
  2. To delete, manipulate or in any way alter the "Copyright" and other identifying data of the rights held by Digital-Text and its owners, of the fingerprint and any other technical medium established for its recognition.
  3. Any violation of the rights of Digital-Text and its owners on said rights.
  4. Its usage for any type of commercial use, marketing use different from the ones strictly allowed.

The user must abstain from obtaining the contents from the Web site from any other way, but the ones made available to the user, as well as the ones available via the network as long as they don’t cause any harm to the Web site of Digital-Text.

3. Responsibility of the user for damages

The use of the Web site will be done under the exclusive responsibility of the end user. With no prejudice to the previous statement, Digital-Text reserves the right to deny without warning the access to the web site to those users who do not comply with these general conditions, or to those in which any case these may be applicable.

4. Unilateral modification

Digital-Text may modify unilaterally and without previous notification, as long as it finds them appropriate, the structure and design of the web site, as well as to modify or eliminate the services, the contents and conditions of access and/or use of the web site.

5. Links


People or entities that may wish to link from another web page or portal to the web page of Digital-Text must comply with the following conditions:

  1. The reproduction, whether fully or partially of the services or contents of the Digital-Text portal is not permitted;
  2. Deep-links may not be established, nor IMG or image links, nor frames of the pages of the Digital-Text portal, unless previously authorized by Digital-Text;
  3. There will be no false manifestations, inaccurate or incorrect about the pages of Digital-Text's portal, nor about the services or contents of the same;
  4. Besides those signs that are part of the link, there will be no trade mark, logos, commercial names, slogans or any signs that belong to Digital-Text posted at the page that holds the link unless authorized by Digital-Text;
  5. The existence of the link will not imply that a relationship exists between Digital-Text and the owner of such page, nor the knowledge and acceptance of Digital-Text of the services and contents offered in such portal;
  6. Digital-Text will not be held responsible for the contents or services made available in the page where the link is placed, nor of the information and/or manifestations included in the same;
  7. Any link to the Portal of Digital-Text will be made to the home page, or the main page of any of the sections.

6. Guarantee exclusions and responsibilities


Digital-Text does not assume any kind of responsibility, not even indirect or subsidiary for the damages of any type that could derive from the access, maintenance, use, quality, reliability and utility of the contents, information, communications, opinions, manifestations, products and services existing or offered en the web sites not managed by Digital-Text and that result accessible via the portal of Digital-Text.

  • The lack of availability, maintenance and effective functionality of the Web and its services or contents.
  • The lack of utility, adaptation or validity of the Web and/or it services or contents to satisfy the needs, activities or concrete results or expectations of the users.
  • The existence of virus, malicious programs or harmful in its contents.
  • The reception, obtaining, storing, diffusing or transmitting of the contents by the users.
  • The illegal use, negligent, fraudulent, contrary to the present General Conditions, to the good faith to the uses generally accepted or to the public order of the Web site, the services or contents by the end users.
  • The lack responsiveness, quality, reliability, utility and availability of the services provided by third parties and made available to the users of the Web.
  • The non-compliance by third parties and its obligations or compromises in relation with the services provided to the user via the Web site.

Digital-Text facilitates the content of its products and services "as such," with no guarantees of any kind. Neither Digital-Text nor its information provider give any guarantee about the precision and the integrity of the contents or of the results obtained from a search using the contents in the products and services of those used by the end user, nor will it be responsible for possible errors, omissions and other inaccuracies in the information included.


The material included in the products and services offered via the portal of Digital-Text is provided with informative purposes and should not be interpreted as a recommendation or advice along those lines.

7. Term

The duration of the lending of the services via the Web site is of indefinite nature.

With no prejudice of the previous statement, Digital-Textreserves the right to interrupt, suspend or terminate the service of the Web site or any of the services that are part of it, under the same terms collected on Item number 4.

8. Intellectual and Industrial property

8.1. Intellectual Property

This page and its links contain works and presentations protected by the laws and international agreements on intellectual and industrial property. Any unauthorized use in relation with the fullness or partial of said works or presentations may constitute a violation of the said dispositions, as well as a crime punishable according to with article 270 and other under the Spanish Penal Code.

Are prohibited, the reproduction, distribution, public communication, made available to the public and transformation of the totality or part of the works and presentations contained in this page, just like any other act of exploitation in relation with such works and presentations, without the previous written consent and authorization by the owners of the rights, unless something else is established in the present terms and conditions or in the text of the next page.

To the effect of the previous, it is understood by reproduction, the copying in its totality or partly of the works and contents of this page.

To the effects of preserving the possible rights of intellectual property, in case that any user or a third party considers that has violated the legitimate rights by the introduction of content on the web site, they must notify Digital-Textindicating:

  1. Personal data of the rightful owner of the rights presumably violated. If the claim is presented by a third party, different from the interested party, the relation under which it acts must be indicated.
  2. Indication of the contents protected by the intellectual rights and its location on the Web site.
  3. Accreditation of the cited rights of intellectual property.
  4. Declaration in which the interested party is responsible of the truth of the information declared in the notification.

Likewise, it is expressed that Digital-Textdemands the respect and integrity of the Web page as well as to stop any deformation, alteration and modification against it that threatens its legitimate interests or reputation.

8.2. Industrial Property

All the trademarks, commercial names or signs of any type that appear in any of the pages of the Web are property of Digital-Text third parties, and does not mean that the use or access of the portal gives the user the right over any of the cited trademarks, commercial names and/or signs.

Thus it is prohibited to use them without the proper authorization of the rightful owner. Any infraction of the Rights of Property of Digital-Textor its third parties will be subject to civil persecution and in its penal case, will be in accordance with the laws and international treaties in place.

The legitimacy of the rights of intellectual and industrial property corresponding to the contents provided by third parties is the exclusive responsibility of the third parties.

9. Privacy Policy

In order to use some of the services, the users must provide to Digital-Text, certain information or personal nature. Digital-Text will treat this information with a strict private policy.

The information provided by the users will not be shared with other, only in the case that the service that is being requested requires it, and the information will be used solely for the purpose of providing the access to the service, as well as providing news of Digital-Text, which guarantees the confidentiality of these, as well as abiding by the respective laws of registry, maintenance and protection of databases. In this sense, Digital-Text has adopted the legally required levels of personal data protection. Nonetheless, the user must be aware that the security in the internet is not unbreakable.

In compliance by what is proponed by the Organic Law 12/1999 of the 13 December of the Spanish State, the regulation and protection of personal information, the user of the Web page may exercise its right of access, rectify and cancellation and in its case revoke the consent to provide its personal data as provided by the said law, by writing to our e-mail address [email protected].

10. Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

The following General Condition will be foreseen by the Spanish Legislation.

Digital-Text and the user renouncing to any other possible way, hereby are subject to the Jurisdiction of the Circuit Courts of Barcelona, for whatever reason that may arise form the usage of the Web and its services and contents, and for the interpretation, application and fulfillment and fulfilment and non fulfilment of what is established here.