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Digital-Text on Eleven platform

Digital-Text textbooks can be accessed through Eleven, a universal, comprehensive, educational platform that has been tested by over 20,000 teachers. Eleven provides a complete solution designed for every need, with a highly intuitive and easy to use interface.

Eleven offers tools that facilitate the management processes related to teaching and learning as well as the everyday tasks of academic administration. It also integrates cooperative work tools that enable teachers to interact with students:

  • Intranet space for teachers and students
  • Calender of activities and bulletin board managed by the teaching staff
  • Creation of subgroups to assess different levels of student competence
  • E-mail integration and internal messaging system
  • Online office package
  • Student assitance control
  • Creation of blogs, forum and the school Web pages
  • Document upload


Create your own books

One of Eleven’s most important features is its unique system for creating, organizing and personalizing your own multimedia textbooks.

Create your own digital exercises

Eleven platform incorporates an advanced editor which allows you to create personalized self-correcting and self-evaluating homework exercises and exams.

Learn more about Eleven educational platform