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Practical uses

What is Educa-Text?


Educa-Text can be used as interactive textbooks or as supplementary educational multimedia resources.

    Working in the classroom

    Educa-Text has been conceived and designed to make the best of the possibilities offered by the digital format and the multimedia potential of computers, as well as to facilitate work in the classroom by making use of projectors, interactive whiteboards and students' PCs.

    • It benefits the teacher’s lessons and boosts interaction with students thanks to the constant presence of multimedia resources: illustrations, 3D models, learning videos, animations, experiments, and simulators.
    • It addresses different levels of student competence through exercises and activities with different levels of difficulty that allow teachers to focus on the capabilities and needs of each student.
    • It allows the development of basic skills and learning through class work, thanks to its large number of teamwork tasks.

    Working at home

    Educa-Text also facilitates that part of learning that students must carry out on their own, thanks to the following resources:

    • Language and practical examples that draw on student’s’ everys day life and their interests.
    • An extraordinary interactive wealth that arouses curiosity and boosts motivation.
    • Supplementary content and information of interest.
    • Theoretical summaries for each subject.
    • Self-correcting and self-evaluating exercises with random data.
    • Individual student homework follow-up tools for teachers.